Writer’s Block: Selection, Surfer, Success

“Stuber/Parent and Universal Pictures habr pre-emptively acquired “Unnatural Selection,” a romantic comedy script by first-time feature filmmaker Cameron Fay who will also direct. The New York-set story centers on a brilliant underachiever who has a surefire way of getting women to sleep with him. His technique is put to the test when he meets a divorced mom with a kid, forcing him to reassess his life…” (full details)

“S.R. Bindler will direct “Surfer, Dude” from a script he wrote with Cory Van Dyke. Matthew McConaughey produces and stars as a soulful surfer in existential crisis. Production is slated to begin May 7th in Malibu. A domestic distributor won’t be secured until after the film is shot…” (full details)

“New Line has snapped up an untitled romantic comedy pitch by the scripting team of Tara Miele and Kristine Skeie (“Cougars”) and set it up with Jon Shestack Prods. Story — loosely based on recent scientific studies showing it’s more difficult for a successful woman to land a mate than someone lower down the ladder — follows a high-level executive as she pretends to be her own secretary in order to attract the man of her dreams…” (full details)