Writer’s Block: Painkiller, Pros, Robots

“Guy Walks Into a Bar Productions has acquired film rights to DreamCatcher Interactive’s 2004 video game “Painkiller.” The story centers on a character stranded between heaven and hell who’s forced to become a pawn in the battle between good and evil. Ben McCaw will adapt the script, Jon Berg and Todd Komarnicki will produce…” (full details)

“Universal Pictures & Parent/Stuber have picked up former “Frasier” & “Larry Sanders” writers Peter Huyck and Alex Gregory’s comedy spec “Pros.” After a fire destroys a local YMCA’s tennis courts, a local country club allows the kids to use its courts for the summer. Soon a rivalry develops between a hardworking blue-collar YMCA pro and a blue-blooded playboy country club pro…” (full details)

“Disney Pictures and Benderspink have picked up film rights to Scott Christian Sava’s graphic novel “Pet Robots”. The high-tech comedy follows futuristic robots that fall into the hands of the least likely people…” (full details)