Wright Returns For “Wonder Woman 1984”

Wright Returns For Wonder Woman 1984

Actress Robin Wright has confirmed she will reprise her role as General Antiope in the upcoming DC Comics sequel film “Wonder Woman 1984”.

Wright is expected to appear in a flashback scene with co-star Connie Nielson as Diana’s mother Queen Hippolyta. Both characters were a major part of the Themyscira scenes in last year’s “Wonder Woman” film, with Antiope killed in battle.

Wright recently wrapped up filming on the final episodes of Netflix’s “House of Cards” and it was during an interview with Porter Magazine for that she confirmed she will fly out to Spain shortly to play Antiope again. The film’s production has been building sets in the Canary Islands for the past few weeks.

“Wonder Woman 1984” has been primarily filming in the Washington D.C. area over the Summer, with production now moving to England. The film is due in cinemas late next year.