Wright Replaces Kidman In “Wonder Woman”?

A while back came reports that Nicole Kidman was in talks for a major role, likely that of Amazonian queen Hippolyta, in the upcoming “Wonder Woman” movie at Warner Bros. Pictures. Then, when a major cast list was recently announced, it seemed Kidman’s name was not on it.

One new name in the same list though was “House of Cards” star Robin Wright. With her role in the film unspecified, it was assumed she would simply take on the role that Kidman was originally set for. Today, Variety’s Justin Kroll has scored some additional information about the casting.

Kroll says on Twitter that Kidman wasn’t able to take the role because of a scheduling conflict and the studio is still deciding who should take her place.

Wright reportedly closed her deal for an unknown role before Kidman even had an offer, a role that isn’t Hippolyta like others suggest. However, he indicates that at this point the studio is trying to figure out whether to just give Robin Wright that role or find another star.

“Wonder Woman” is currently in production in London ahead of opening in cinemas on June 23rd 2017.