Wright On That “Baby Driver” Ending

Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver” is out in cinemas this weekend and is full of a lot of style, thrills, and an enjoyable if familiar story to any fan of heist or car chase films. Where it does offer a surprise is an ambiguous ending.


Speaking with CinemaBlend, Wright has now elaborated on the final sequence of the film but won’t offer a definitive take – even the two stars who appear in it have differing ideas of how it should be interpreted.

The ending sees Baby (Ansel Elgort) give himself up to the police, being put in prison for 25 years (with potential for parole in 5), and him receiving postcards from Debora (Lily James) promising the road-trip they dreamed about.

Cut to a black-and-white scene that gradually fades into color as Baby exits prison to meet Debora in a shot that mimics a fantasy he had earlier in the film. Neither has visibly aged and a hopeful rainbow glows in the distance.

Is this real or a fantasy of Baby’s to cope with prison? Wright says:

“I think the end scene is up for interpretation. And I sort of learned quickly through the test screening process that I should let people interpret it how they want. I think it’s an important thing with movies where you don’t have to state your actual intention because nobody’s response to it is wrong. I think that’s a good thing to do; you don’t want to have anybody say, ‘No, you’re wrong, you read that wrong.’ It’s better if you have two different interpretations.

Do you understand what the rainbow in the last scene means? Remember the teller tells him about the Dolly Parton quote? He says ‘Dolly Parton, I like her.’ And she says, ‘Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain; but there can’t be a rainbow without a little rain.’ He goes through incarceration to get to the rainbow.”

Elgort believes the ending is just a figment of Baby’s imagination, and doesn’t think it would be right for Baby to expect Debora to wait for him. James says she enjoys the ending’s ambiguity but actually wishes the characters could have just gotten away.

Either way, critics are loving the film. “Baby Driver” is in cinemas now.