Wright Adapts James Owen’s “Dragon” Books

Scribe Travis Adam Wright (“Eagle Eye”) is set to pen film adaptations of the first two books in author James A. Owen’s fantasy series “The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica” for The Gotham Group reports Heat Vision.

The first is “Here There Be Dragons”. Set during WW1, a murder brings together three Oxford scholars who are entrusted with an atlas containing geographic locations of all the locations in myth and fables.

Only seven vessels are capable of travel between worlds, and with the help of a fourth man they soon find themselves onboard one and travel to the Archipelago of Dreams where the Winter King Mordred threatens the destiny of all worlds. Its also revealed that the four men will all go on to become famed authors.

The second book is “The Search for the Red Dragon” which starts with a rash of child kidnappings and the disappearance of all the Dragonships. Thus begins a quest to find the last of the Dragonships, a journey that will take them from Neverland to the nine circles of the Underworld.

Rick Porras is producing the film adaptations.