Worthington, Warners Set For “Dan Dare”

Warner Bros. Pictures has closed the deal for its film version of British comic “Dan Dare” starring Australian hunk Sam Worthington (“Avatar,” “Clash of the Titans”) reports Variety.

The long-running sci-fi comic strip, described as “Biggles in Space” or a British “Buck Rogers”, first began in the 1950’s in the UK and was noted for its complex story lines, smart dialogue and art design. The strip went away but would undergo a seeming revival once a decade, albeit with tonal changes such as Grant Morrison’s 1990 run which took a dark and blunt swipe at Thatcherism.

Despite its long history and great success in its home country, the property never really achieved much penetration outside of the UK as the global comic market was dominated by American titles (e.g.. Batman, Superman, X-Men) and the occasional European success (e.g.. Tintin, Asterix).

The most recent incarnation of ‘Dare’ was the Garth Ennis-penned mini-series released in 2008 and from which this project is being developed. Basil Iwanyk (“Clash of the Titans”) will produce.