Worthington Is McG’s “Captain Nemo”?

Out doing promotion for his upcoming TV series “Human Target”, director McG tells IGN that he’s already got a favourite to play Captain Nemo in the new version of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” he’s slated to direct – his “Terminator Salvation” leading man Sam Worthington.

Of the rising Australian thespian who also stars in James Cameron’s “Avatar”, McG touched upon another remake Worthington has just finished filming – “Look out for Clash of the Titans because Clash is going to be really good – I’ve seen some of that. Now he’s doing The Tourist with Charlize [Theron]. He’s all over the place, and I might cast him as Nemo if it’s in the cards. We’ll see.”

On the one hand the choice is somewhat odd, after all Nemo is an Indian in Jules Verne’s classic novel. Then again Disney original 1954 film adaptation starred English thesp James Mason as Nemo, and the remake is once again being done by Disney Pictures.

No dates are locked in yet but at last report ‘Nemo’ was scheduled to shoot in Worthington’s native Australia sometime later this year.