Worthington as Drac, Sweeney Confirmed?

Are we ready for Sam Worthington to nibble our necks? Indeed we are.

First linked back in January, the Aussie actor is now said to be confirmed to be starring as the titular vampire in Alex Proyas’ “Dracula: Year One” which will begin shooting in Australia mid-next year.

The news initially came via a report at Encore Magazine which took the quote from Universal Pictures Australasia managing director Mike Baard’s presentation at the Australian International Movie Convention this week.

Baard said the studio is partnering with Proyas on the film which will be shot here in Australia, with local crews, locations and cast. The article slipped in Worthington’s apparent confirmation, but then was pulled and replaced with a statement by Baard which asked that “all reporting of our presentation be removed from your website with immediate effect” and “no reference is made to it in any future publication”.

Of course this being the internet, once something is out it’s out and Universal’s Australian division in recent months has rather strangely become more recalcitrant in dealing with online media judging from the talk on the local gossip grapevine.

Other sites have checked with sources who indicate that Worthington is set for the part so now we’re essentially just waiting for the press release or a comment from Sam himself or his reps in the near future to hopefully clear all his up.

Speaking of essentially minor confirmation news, Nick Love’s planned film adaptation of the 1970s cop show “The Sweeney” is apparently moving forward after all according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The long-linked Ray Winstone remains attached to star as no-nonsense policeman Jack Regan. Yet things are still some time off as Love is still in the writing stage and has begun work on a fresh draft of the screenplay.