World War Z Sequel Starts Afresh

The production may have been troubled, but 2013’s “World War Z” proved a smash hit with around half a billion dollars at the box office. Unsurprisingly, talk of a follow-up was soon underway with Juan Antonio Bayona (“The Orphanage,” “The Impossible”) and Steven Knight (“Locke,” “Eastern Promises”) linked as direct and writer respectively.

Speaking about his decision to accept the job of penning the zombie sequel, Knight dropped a surprising quote about it in an interview with Indiewire: “I thought, why not? What fun. It’s not quite like the other. We’re starting with a clean slate. When [the studio and Brad PItt’s Plan B production company] have signed off, we’re on!”

By ‘clean slate’, does that mean the franchise will reboot? The film scored decent notices, but also was subject to complaints about being quite different to the acclaimed Max Brooks book upon which it is based. So a big question now is if the sequel will be more faithful to the original work.

Filming on the follow-up is reportedly targeting an October shoot.