World War Z 2 Gets “Utopia” Scribe Re-Writes

Dennis Kelly, the creator of the British cult series “Utopia” which HBO and David Fincher tried (and failed) to adapt for the U.S., has been brought onboard to pen the latest draft of the Brad Pitt-led sequel to the globe-hopping zombie drama “World War Z” at Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.

J.A. Bayona is locked in to direct, but Kelly’s hiring follows recent rumors that Bayona was being eyed to direct the “Jurassic World” sequel and was going to potentially jump ship. Heat Vision says that in order to keep Bayona happy they enlisted the fanboy-friendly writer to re-write the previous script by Steven Knight.

Marc Forster helmed the troubled 2013 first film which overcame its production difficulties and went on to earn $540 million worldwide and scored decent reviews. Only parts of Max Brooks’ original novel were loosely adapted for the film which leaves plenty of material for the sequel to mine.

“World War Z 2” is scheduled to hit June 9th 2017.