Work Begins On The “MacGruber” Sequel Script

They’ve been talking about the possibility for years, now Will Forte and Jorma Taccone have confirmed that work is finally underway on the script for the sequel to 2010’s “MacGruber,” the film based on the SNL sketch series which makes fun of the “MacGyver” franchise.

The pair, who are co-writing the follow-up, have indicated they have a genuine idea and desire for a “MacGruber 2” with the two working alongside John Soloman to do the script and then see if anyone will help them make the film. Today, Taccone tweeted out the cover page for a ‘super duper rough’ draft of the film along with himself and Forte at work.

“MacGruber” sadly wasn’t a success at the box office for Universal but has earned a strong following on home video. Taccone is coming off “Popstar: Never Stop Stopping” which opened this past Summer.