Woolmer’s Death Turns Bollywood Film

Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt will make “Jannat” (Paradise), based on the mystery surrounding the death of cricket coach Bob Paradise at this year’s World Cup reports Reuters.

Bhatt plans to explore the death of the coach that shook the cricket world though a love story set against the backdrop of the game, but won’t use real names.

58-year-old Woolmer was found poisoned and strangled to death on March 18th, a day after Pakistan was eliminated from the World Cup in Jamaica following a shock defeat by debutants Ireland.

The surrounding mystery has lead to claims of both a match-fixing scandal, and of a fatwa being issued against Woolmer who spoke against the increasing religious radicalisation of the Pakistani cricket team.

As it involves cricket and Bollywood there’ll be betting, romance and songs. Bhatt expects to start filming in August.