Woody Harrelson’s “Venom” Role Revealed?

At the end of 2017 came word that Woody Harrelson was in talks to join the cast of the “Spider-Man” spin-off movie “Venom” at Sony Pictures, but at the time it wasn’t clear what role he was in talks for. With the film having wrapped almost two months ago, it still hasn’t been made any clearer as to what part he will play.

Now a new report has popped up on Bleeding Cool claiming that Harrelson is actually playing the iconic villain Carnage (aka. Cletus Kasady) in the movie, potentially in a post-credits scene. Carnage has been rumored since the Venom movie was announced with co-star Riz Ahmed linked at one point to the character until it was revealed he would play a character named Doctor Carlton Drake.

There has also been confusing reports about the symbiotes in “Venom” from the nature of how much of Tom Hardy’s character we’ll see in true Venom form, to how many other characters will show up with some sort of link to the sentient black goo.

Also a leaked piece of promotional material for the film, a Brisk Iced Tea tie-in product, has gone out and appears to offer a first look at the symbiote in the movie which opens in cinemas October 5th. Check out that promo photo below: