Woodley Talks “Amazing Spider-Man 3”

Though she filmed an appearance as Mary Jane Watson in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” her scene ended up on the cutting room floor.

Now, actress Shailene Woodley isn’t quite sure if she will be back to play the role for “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” due to her commitments to the “Divergent” franchise. Asked if she will appear in the third Spidey this week, she says:

“I don’t know anything, but seeing as how they picked up the next two Divergent films, I don’t know how I’d keep my sanity with two big action films in one year… But, anything can happen, so…”

Woodley spent three days on the second Spider-Man filming a scene that director Marc Webb ultimately cut from the film to “streamline the story.”

Both “The Amazing Spider-Man 3,” and the third movie in the “Divergent” franchise – “Allegiant” – are targeting a release in 2016.

Source: Heat Vision