Woodley Surprised By “Divergent” News

One of the most unexpected pieces of news yesterday was the reveal that following the stumbling of “The Divergent Series: Allegiant” at the box-office this Spring, Lionsgate is retooling its plans for the final film in that franchise. Instead, “The Divergent Series: Ascendant” would wrap up the film series as a telemovie which would also be used to launch a new spin-off series set within that world.

The announcement caught many by surprise, including the film series’ leading lady who appeared at Comic Con today and revealed she found out the same time as everyone else: “Honestly, I was on a plane when all that happened and I landed, and I’m like Whoa, what’s going on?! I need to talk and find out what the details are.”

The actress wouldn’t say whether she’d be part of the new incarnation of “Divergent” which is still in the development stage. The plan had been for ‘Ascendant’ to start filming later this year ahead of a June 2017 release but that doesn’t look like it will still happen.

Source: Deadline