Woo Wins The Gold With Ninja

John Woo is attached to direct and produce the video game adaptation “Ninja Gold” for Fox Atomic reports Reuters.

“Ninja” centers on a ninja warrior, part of a centuries-old legacy and bloodline, forced to confront the reality of covert warfare in the modern world. The Yakuza, the Russian mob and millions in stolen South African gold figure into the action.

Game creator Warren Spector (“Deus Ex,” “Thief: Deadly Shadows”) worked with Woo to create the cast of characters, themes, and story. As a result he’ll be able to handle the film without the need to heavily consult with the game creators.

A script is in the works with filming aiming to begin next year, no timetable as yet for the game. The film however will be more “reality-based” than the game.

“John Woo’s Stranglehold,” a game that serves as a virtual sequel to his classic “Hard Boiled,” hits PS3 & XBox 360 in August.