“Wonder Woman” Soars To $100M+ Debut

Congratulations must be handed out to director Patty Jenkins and Warner Bros. Pictures as “Wonder Woman” topped the box-office this weekend and beat all expectations as domestically it took in $100.5 million, and overseas it nabbed a further $122.5 million according to estimates by the studio.

Rivals believe the film could go higher in the U.S. after it scored $11 million in Thursday night previews, $27.7 million on Friday and $35.8 million yesterday with Sunday’s figures still to come.

Its domestic opening beats the openings of all Marvel Studios single hero origin films, including record holder “Iron Man” with $98.6 million, and is the fourth highest opening of a single superhero origin film behind “Deadpool” ($132M), “Man of Steel” ($116M) and “Spider-Man” ($114M).

Internationally its opening beat out both “Thor” & “Guardians of the Galaxy” films, the first two “Iron Man” films and “Man of Steel”. China, in particular, saw a very healthy start with $38 million from that country alone.

Along with the critical love, the film also nabbed an ‘A’ CinemaScore which suggests a healthy life for it over the next few weeks.

Source: THR