Wonder Woman Scribe Boards “Lobo” Film

The seemingly stalled movie based on the DC Comics character Lobo seems to be back on with The Wrap reporting that screenwriter Jason Fuchs has been set to pen the script.

Fuchs, the writer behind the upcoming “Wonder Woman” movie starring Gal Gadot, will reportedly start over from scratch with his script about the nearly indestructible bounty hunter who drives a space-faring motorcycle across the cosmos.

Attempts have been made in recent years to develop a film based on the property, at last word “San Andreas” helmer Brad Peyton had signed on to direct. That was four years ago, no word as yet if that’s still the case but his commitments to “San Andreas 2” and “Rampage” would seemingly prevent that.

The likely cause of this reinvigoration of the film is the success of “Deadpool” – another anti-hero who breaks the fourth wall and has a strong cult following.