“Wonder Woman” Scribe Adapts “Trespasser”

Wonder Woman Scribe Adapts Trespasser

“Wonder Woman” co-writer Jason Fuchs and Endeavor Content have acquired the screen rights to Justin M. Ryan’s 2017 sci-fi graphic novel “Trespasser”. Fuchs will produce with the script written by Gabe Hobson (“True Detective”).

The story is set in the grim aftermath of a devastating war that has poisoned the air and ruined the food supply for most of the remaining world population.

Life is a daily struggle for Hector and his daughter, Maria, but their hardscrabble routine changes when a strange visitor arrives in a fiery crash in the forest near their remote home.

The project is said to be a ‘contained genre thriller’ in the vein of “A Quiet Place”. Fuchs is currently writing the “Robotech” film adaptation for Sony Pictures and the “Lobo” comic adaptation at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Source: Deadline