“Wonder Woman” Scores $11M In Previews

The “Wonder Woman” film is off to a robust start at the box-office with the Patty Jenkins-helmed tale scoring $11 million in Thursday previews.

The marks the best preview night ever at the domestic box office for a movie directed by a woman. However, that’s lower than the previous DCEU movies which have raked in between $20-27 million in Thursday night previews ahead of opening weekend hauls in the $128-166 million range.

However that charts above Thursday preview nights for Marvel origin films like “Doctor Strange” ($9.4m), “Ant-Man” ($6.4m), “Captain America: The First Avenger” ($4m) and “Thor” ($3.2m). It’s actually equal with “Guardians of the Galaxy” ($11.2m) which went on to an opening weekend of $94 million.

Where things go from here will be interesting. If it holds to previous DC films, it’s on track for a debut weekend in the $60-80 million range. If, thanks to great reviews, it behaves more like a Marvel film then expect that number to go up.

Source: Forbes