Wonder Woman Is The Big Draw Of “Dawn”

Overcoming the mixed and negative critical reviews, Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” is heading towards a projected $160+ million opening weekend according to the latest stats.

Deadline reports that according to various social media statistics and ISpot.TV estimates, ‘Dawn’ is outpacing both “Deadpool” and the final “Hunger Games” but is behind “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in audience impressions. The top trailer for the film remains the three-minute long 2015 Comic-Con one with 63.5 million views followed by the original teaser at 51.6 million.

Added to that is a new survey conducted by Fandango, where the film is pulling in 90% of Fandango’s weekend ticket sales. The report claims Gal Gadot’s debut as Wonder Woman is being seen as the big draw of the film with 88% of those surveyed excited to see the character realised.

Jesse Eisenberg’s take on Lex Luthor is drawing interest too, but not as much at 60%. 82% claim to have seen “Man of Steel,” 66% are fans of director Zack Snyder’s work and 61% plan to see the film more than once.