Wonder Woman Had A Tiger Sidekick?

The departure of Michelle Maclaren as director of the upcoming “Wonder Woman” movie over the old staple of “creative differences” has led to many speculating about the real reason the filmmaker left the project.

For some time it had been fairly well known that there was some tension regarding the production, but today Bad Ass Digest has posted a report suggesting that the official reason for her leaving is accurate – but understates the matter:

“MacLaren and Warner Bros couldn’t agree on anything – including what time period to set the movie. More than that, MacLaren had some very particular visions for the film, visions that maybe would have alienated fandom. Although perhaps Diana having a tiger sidekick/pet she could talk with would have appealed to people more than I expect.”

The film is reportedly still on target for a 2017 release, but a new director will have to be locked down soon.