Wonder Woman Film To Be A Prequel?

With Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics doing their superhero team-up films like “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League: Part One” before they do many of their standalone films, it comes as little surprise that said standalones will probably have little impact on the storylines of the team-up projects.

Indeed, Bleeding Cool reports that the upcoming standalone “Wonder Woman” movie is NOT going to be a contemporary-set film like those two aforementioned projects. Instead, a good chunk of the movie will take place in the 1920s.

The site says the first half of the film will take place on Paradise Island with “warring Amazonian factions vying for control”. Things change when a man appears on the island (not necessarily Diana’s original love interest Steve Trevor) and asks the Amazons for help.

The second half of the film sees Wonder Woman visiting the world of man and discovering it’s the 1920s and women have just won the right to vote. Unlike “Captain America: The First Avenger,” there won’t be a time jump at the end. The site claims the plan is for a potential trilogy of “Wonder Woman” standalones with the second taking place during WW2 and the third in the modern day.

Producer Charles Roven already confirmed earlier this month that the character is a demi-god fathered by Zeus, and thus is likely immortal. It would also explain how she has been able to hide amongst so well if she has been doing it for nearly a century.

“Wonder Woman” is currently slated for a June 23rd 2017 release.