“Wonder” Soars, “Mummy” Flops At Box-Office

No matter how hard the studio tried to sell it, there’s no escaping that Alex Kurtzman’s “The Mummy” has been a U.S. domestic flop. On top of horrendous critical reviews and a bad B- CinemaScore, opening weekend box-office estimates have it coming in at $31.5 million – almost $9 million down from already low projections a few weeks ago.

In fact, it’s the lowest opening of the series, even lower than the much-derided spin-off “The Scorpion King” which premiered to $36 million. The film’s one saving grace has been overseas where the film is on track for a $139 million opening – one of Cruise’s biggest openings ever.

Even so, the combined production and marketing budget for the film is said to be in the $340-370 million range which means it will need legs to become profitable – something the reviews suggest it won’t have.

The film with the great legs right now though is “Wonder Woman”. Patty Jenkins’ superhero film took in $57 million domestically over its second weekend, down only 45% from last weekend.

That second weekend percentage drop is akin to Chris Nolan’s Batman films and is easily ahead of both recent Marvel fare (‘Guardians 2’ – 55%, ‘Strange’ – 50%, ‘Civil War’ – 60%) and the second weekend of last year’s two DCEU films which fell 69% & 67% respectively.

In other box-office news, the well-reviewed horror thriller “It Comes At Night” opened to $6.2 million, slightly down from expectations. Audiences, however, gave it a ‘D’ CinemaScore, mostly because of it being marketed more as intense suspense piece when it’s actually a slow-burn paranoia thriller. Even so, with just a tiny $2.4 million budget it will prove profitable.

Source: Box-Office Mojo