Wolverine Behind-The-Scenes Issues

* * * Updated 8:25pm * * *

With production underway at Fox Studios in Sydney on “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, a new rumor has emerged that someone new is coming into the fold in an important capacity.

Unlike in the past with say their “Fantastic Four” films in Canada, Fox has essentially closed the local set off to journalists and so details coming out have to be leaked through industry sources.

One such reliable source tells Dark Horizons that there have apparently been arguments between Director Gavin Hood and the studio about the tone of the film’s content.

Fox, not surprisingly, wants something lighter and more kiddie-friendly in order to reach as wide an audience as possible. Hood on the other hand apparently wants to go darker and more intense.

If it were just this simple and, lets face it, pretty regular disagreement it would hardly qualify as a story. What makes this an interesting rumor is that “Superman” director Richard Donner is apparently being brought in as “some sort of directing consultant” on the project sometime after Easter.

Donner’s behemoth of a trailer is said to have already been shipped into the country. Donner’s wife of 22 years, Lauren Shuler Donner, has served as producer on all three previous “X-Men” films as well as such other comic adaptations as “Hulk” and “Constantine”.

UPDATE (8:25pm): Fox has come back with a response. Richard Donner is on-set but the ‘consultant’ information is incorrect. Donner apparently has been on-set for brief periods on the previous “X-Men” films as well – mainly helping out in an unofficial capacity out and spending time with his wife Lauren who is producing.

Fox also re-iterates that in no way is Gavin Hood being replaced or usurped by anyone, this is very much his movie.