“Wolverine 3” Trailer Soon, Mr. Sinister Confirmed

Filming wrapped on the James Mangold-directed third “Wolverine” film a month ago, the R-rated feature expected to serve as Hugh Jackman’s swan song to the character. The new film is expected to be loosely based on Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan comic book series and will be a hard-edged, futuristic neo-western.

With a March 3rd release next year being targeted, it means the first publicity material for the film should be hitting soon and Mangold has teased through his Twitter account today that the arrival of some of that material is imminent – “things will start bubbling out from under the lid very soon.”

What that’ll be is unclear – a title is likely, as is a photo, but when a trailer will hit is the bigger question. Mangold’s previous “The Wolverine” film launched its first trailer a full four months out from release, which would peg it as a late October/early November debut (hello “Doctor Strange”).

In related news, the imminent video release of “X-Men: Apocalypse” includes a commentary track with director Bryan Singer says Screen Rant. Singer confirms that the film’s post-credits scene, which teases Mister Sinister, isn’t for the next “X-Men” film but rather the new “Wolverine”.

While the film’s cast list is public, several of the key characters they are playing haven’t been named as yet which has led to the best guess being that it’s Richard E. Grant who will take on the role.