Wolfman Reshoots Underway In UK

Update 5/8: Universal has confirmed the news and explained Armstrong’s involvement: “The Wolfman is currently in a short production period at Pinewood Studios to shoot a couple of additional sequences. Vic Armstrong is acting as second-unit director and contributing to stunts as well.”

Vic Armstrong, the legendary stuntman, stunt coordinator and second unit director of everything from James Bond to Indiana Jones, appeared this past Saturday at the British Film Institute’s BFI Bond Weekender event celebrating the late 007 franchise producer Cubby Brocolli’s 100th birthday.

In attendance was ‘Glenn’ who got in touch and sent along this report of one little factoid that Armstrong let slip:

“He was mostly talking his work with the Bond franchise but he mentioned he’d just come from the set of ‘The Wolf Man’ at Pinewood Studios shooting some new action scene that was being added to the film.

He was very vague, he didn’t say what capacity (if any?) he was serving on the project but did say the crew were working six day weeks on this sequence.

He described the scene as a fight scene between two werewolves involving a fair amount of CG with them going up the walls and other bits of business, and that they had to marry it up to scenes shot earlier.

He didn’t mention whether [director] Joe Johnston was there or not, he did mention Benicio [del Toro]’s name but wasn’t specific about whether he was involved or not in this shoot.”

“The Wolf Man” was originally scheduled for release this Spring, but was then pushed back to a November 6th release. The delay at the time was cited as being due to marketing reasons for the $85 million feature.