“Wolfenstein: Youngbloods” Set For July 26th

Wolfenstein Youngbloods Set For July 26th

Bethesda has just announced that the new “Wolfenstein: Youngbloods” is coming to Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on July 26th.

In addition, the company has released a new story trailer to celebrate the news. Machine Games and Arkane are developing the games which open in the 1980s with major character BJ Blazkowicz missing.

The only ones who can save him are his twin daughters Jess and Soph who venture to Nazi-occupied Paris to start the hunt.

Gamers can liberate Paris from the Nazi threat as you search for your father in the first open-ended co-op adventure in the series, either with a friend or an AI companion. The game features new tag-team maneuvers, the two-player weapon the Tesla gun, and the ability to perform emotes.

Source: Variety