Wiseman Directs Gears of War Film

Len Wiseman (“Underworld,” “Live Free or Die Hard”) is set to direct the hit Xbox 360 video game adaptation “Gears of War” for New Line says the trades.

Chris Morgan (“Wanted,” “Fast and Furious”) has been hired to write the screenplay based on a story treatment he will develop with Wiseman. It’s not sure how much of Stuart Beattie’s original draft will survive.

Set on the planet Sera, the game thrusts players into a battle for survival between humans and a race of creatures that surface from the bowels of the planet known as the Locust Horde. Players assume identities of soldiers on Delta Squad as they fight to save Sera’s inhabitants.

The award-winning game sold more than three million units worldwide in its first ten weeks and is Microsoft’s second-biggest seller after the “Halo” franchise. A sequel game hits stores this Thanksgiving.

This movement on the project also indicates that the new form of New Line, as a sub-division of parent company Time Warner, will be handling big-budget action fare rather than low-budget speciality titles as previously thought.