Wiseau’s “The Room” Getting A Wide Release

Nearly fifteen years later, Tommy Wiseau is getting his wish granted as, for one day only, “The Room” will play in 600 theaters nationwide.

Fathom will release the film on around 600 screens at 8pm local time on January 10th in the U.S. for its special one-day release. At the screenings, a new trailer for Wiseau’s and Greg Sestero’s latest film, “Best F(r)iends” will play ahead of “The Room”.

Midnight screenings often take place in Los Angeles and New York, with the audience interacting with the screening, but the movie has taken off in the public consciousness recently thanks to it being the inspiration for James Franco’s “The Disaster Artist” which has been met with strong reviews in recent months.

Tickets for the screenings can be purchased from Fathom Events’ website.

Source: THR