Wire in the Blood Gets A U.S. Remake

Yet another gritty British detective drama is scoring a remake by a U.S. broadcast network, this time it’s ABC developing a series adaptation of the psychological thriller “Wire in the Blood” based on Val McDermid’s novels and ITV’s well-regarded TV show which ran from 2002-2008.

Robson Green starred in the original as Dr. Tony Hill, an unconventional and eccentric clinical psychologist with a talent for catching serial killers and empathising with both victim and killer. He works with the police in the fictional West Yorkshire town of Bradfield to help solve cases.

The U.S. version shifts the action to New York City where someone has been killing women and a detective named Elizabeth Chase brings this new version of Tony Hill in to help. Author/TV writer A.M. Homes (The L Word”) will pen the script for the remake which ABC Studios, Endemol Studios and Mandeville Films will produce.

Released in the form of six seasons of 3-4 telemovies each, the original is well-known for being one of the darkest and certainly amongst the bleakest and most grim detective dramas to come out of the U.K. at the time. It was also one of the more deliberately paced, something which may not make the translation the way the darker elements of the show likely will.

ABC famously tried to adapt another acclaimed British detective drama before, “Prime Suspect”. The result didn’t make it beyond a few episodes.

Source: Deadline