Wire Creator Plans CIA Series “Ashes”

Though “The Wire” creator David Simon’s next project is the 1970s porn drama “The Deuce” starring James Franco, it seems the acclaimed TV showrunner already has another major project in the works.

Simon tells Variety he’s working on an adaptation of Tim Weiner’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel “Legacy Of Ashes” for both the BBC and HBO. The series will take a hard look at the institutional problems in the CIA, and how it weakens national security. Speaking about the series he says:

“[Writers] Ed Burns and Dan Fesperman have taken that. It’s in turnaround at the BBC. They want to do the show. They acquired the scripts from HBO and they are doing the show. We are taking another pass at the scripts because they want us to add a certain amount of U.K. stuff. A certain amount of MI6 along with CIA.

The reason HBO was gracious enough to give them the scripts is because the BBC said: ‘Look we will find some of the funding as it’s a very expensive show as you can imagine. We will find some of the funding and we will get back to give you the chance of a first look, to be the American partner.’

It’s gone from HBO leading it and the BBC is developing and they are getting back to HBO when the script’s next pass is done. Then HBO will get the chance to say yes in a situation where they are not bearing the whole cost.”

Simon is also reportedly working on a drama set around Capitol Hill with famed journalist Carl Bernstein involved.