Winter Soldier Marketing Drops Spoilers

One of the key things that none of the trailers for the upcoming “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” has spoiled so far has been the identity of The Winter Soldier himself. The character boasts long hair and thick mask for all but one or two shots, and those few shots have all been blurred to the point it seems a conscious effort has been made to keep that secret under wraps.

Yet both the film’s cast list, and some publicity stills the other week, have had no qualms about showing the character’s true identity. Comic fans know the story of course, but for those not in the know in the general public – is it OK to discuss this topic freely?

Bad Ass Digest spoke with co-director Anthony Russo earlier this week about this issue to which the filmmaker said: “Even though there’s an ensemble cast the story is very grounded in Captain America, and is told through his perspective very specifically. For the character it’s a discovery, even if it isn’t for the audience.”

Which essentially sounds like it’s NOT a spoiler. Today though a spoiler of a whole different kind hit in a new TV spot for the film which directly gives away another major plot point. Though vaguely implied in the previous trailers, this one includes an outright reveal of what is likely a major change to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.