Winstone, Liotta Join Tzameti Remake

Ray Winstone and Ray Liotta have joined the cast of “13,” the English-language remake of the 2005 French psychological thriller “13 Tzameti” for Overnight Productions says The Hollywood Reporter.

Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Sam Riley and 50 Cent have already been cast in the story of a young man (Riley) who stumbles into an underground competition where the wealthy gamble on human beings in a Russian Roulette-like competition.

Winstone will play a competitor who has been sprung from a mental institution to participate, while Liotta will play a cop on the trail of the illegal game.

Rourke will play a convict in a Mexican prison who is sold into the competition, 50 Cent is an employee assigned to escort Rourke’s character, Statham plays a wealthy British man who bets on the competition and has a peculiar interest in one of the competitors.

Gela Babluani, who wrote and directed the original, has penned the script and will direct the film which starts filming November 20th in New York City.