Winslet On “Steve Jobs” Creative License

Much like his script for “The Social Network,” Aaron Sorkin’s script for the “Steve Jobs” biopic takes so much creative license with its subject matter it’s more a case of being a work ‘inspired by’ its subject than an actual true depiction of events.

To their credit he, director Danny Boyle and the cast have all acknowledged and admit the film plays around with the facts. One such cast member is Kate Winslet who plays Joanna Hoffman in the film. She spoke with Cinema Blend recently where she talked about some of the changes:

“Yes, there is absolutely play with the truth. So in reality, for example, John Scully and Steve Jobs never met after the point that Steve was originally fired from Apple, but in our movie he remains in it throughout the whole 14 years. And similarly, with Joanna, she actually only worked with Jobs for five years, and in our film she’s present for the entire time. In reality, she actually knew Steve until he passed away.”

Winslet says her character is a composite of several women in Steve Jobs’ life, such as the role of Andrea Cunningham (played by Sarah Snook) who in reality was more involved in Jobs’ life than depicted. So why were these changes necessary – especially in regards to her character?

“It was important, I think, to show that and to allow in many ways the audience to access a slightly warmer, more humane side to Steve Jobs than as spectators I think we have never seen before, and the audience I think is able to access that through Aaron’s dialogue and the things that Joanna says and what she does. And it was important for me to be that sort of vessel.”

Whatever the case, the result worked. “Steve Jobs” currently holds an 81/100 on Metacritic, the exact same score as other acclaimed releases in cinemas at the moment such as “Sicario” and “The Martian”. The film is now in limited release and will expand on October 23rd.