Winkler On “Creed 2,” Scorsese’s “Silence”

Producer Irwin Winkler, who won the best-picture Oscar for the original “Rocky,” says the sequel to last year’s acclaimed series spin-off “Creed” is moving forward fast.

Speaking at The Hollywood Masters interview session (via THR), Winkler says:

“Next couple of weeks, we’ll start. But basically it’s about Creed [rather than Rocky]. We think that there is really a story to examine the life of Adonis Creed, and we’re going ahead with it.”

Winkler did not say whether director Ryan Coogler or star Michael B. Jordan, were contractually committed to return.

He also spoke about “Silence,” Martin Scorsese’s long-gestating film about Jesuit priests in Japan that has long been in the works. Turns out the only reason they were able to get it made now was that everyone is doing it for cheap:

“It was very, very expensive, and it was budgeted, because it takes place in 1670 in Japan. We got lucky and found out about Taipei, and in and around Taipei and Taiwan, we found great, great locations.

The prices were very cheap, and we were able to make it for a price. And all the actors, Liam Neeson, Adam Driver, everybody worked for scale. Marty worked for scale, I worked for under scale. We gave back money.”

That film is slated to open later this year.