Wingard’s “Woods” Is A “Blair Witch” Sequel

It’s a secret that has been under wraps for years, now Lionsgate has revealed that “The Guest” and “You’re Next” director Adam Wingard’s new horror film “The Woods” has scored a new title – “Blair Witch”.

Yes it seems the project isn’t an original horror tale, instead it’s actually a sequel to the 1999 indie horror smash. Speaking with EW, Wingard talked about the bait and switch:

“‘The Woods’ was our working title. When we signed on to it, we knew that [the name] was eventually going to be changed. To us, it wasn’t even going to be part of the marketing. But I think Lionsgate made a really smart decision, using that.”

The story stars James Allen McCune (“Shameless”) as the brother of Heather Donahue’s character from the original film. He sets out to discover what happened to his long-missing sister.

Wingard’s usual scribe Simon Barrett penned the script while Callie Hernandez, Brandon Scott, Valorie Curry, Corbin Reid, and Wes Robinson co-star with McCune. The film opens in cinemas on September 16th.