Winding Refn Will Stick With TV For Now

Winding Refn Will Stick With Tv For Now

As part of a new feature piece for Indiewire in which he discusses his new Amazon TV series, “Drive” and “Only God Forgives” filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn has also spoken about the current state of feature filmmaking and didn’t hold back on the industry.

Refn’s series “Too Old to Die Young,” starring Miles Teller, is the filmmaker’s first attempt at serialized storytelling and he reveals he’s enjoying it immensely:

“For me [choosing to do an episodic series] was more about [doing] something where there’s longevity, the length of it – I’m no longer bound by the norms of what the state of theatrical film is.

I wasn’t interested in television, I was interested in what I can do with a canvas that is endless. It’s like traveling to outer space. There’s no meeting point. There’s no official end. It just continues creatively.

I mean you go to work every day and go, ‘What would I like to do today?’ And you have great people around to help you [with] what that is.

It’s a bit like doing an enormous painting. It’s a mural on the Empire State Building and you decide to paint the entire [thing], but along the way you decided to change a little bit. Suddenly, you need to change all the colors as you go along and images themselves, mutate.”

In fact Refn seemingly has little interest in returning to regular feature filmmaking and distribution for the moment, mostly due to the creative limitations fostered on him by the system itself:

“It’s an absurd limitation that kind of dawned on me – I think that it’s more the narrative limitations that I got annoyed with, or the lack of opportunities, because the way the system of films is so detrimental of what it’s supposed to be, the length of it, how people are supposed to react to it, and what is success and what is not success. That I find very, very destructive, which is also one of the reasons I wanted to try streaming because it was a form of distribution. It’s the new canvas.”

Refn’s “Too Old To Die Young” also stars Billy Baldwin, Jenna Malone and John Hawkes and is scheduled to premiere sometime next year on Amazon Prime Video.