Winding Refn: Traditional TV Is “Dead”

Winding Refn Traditional Tv Is Dead

“Drive” and “Only God Forgives” filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn is making the jump to streaming with his Amazon TV series “Too Old to Die Young” and in recent months he’s become a big proponent of the format.

Speaking to IndieWire this past week, Refn says he goes back and forth between calling his new work either a ‘film’ or ‘series’ as it sounds like it can be taken either way. In any case, he’s big on streaming being the future and expects it is going to lead to the demise of other formats – namely traditional TV:

“What’s interesting about streaming for me – because television is dead as a doornail – but streaming is like a whole new opportunity, and if it’s a different concept, in a way, because it’s uncontrollable. You just log on [and] log off. It’s a coexistence now. Episodic television was designed when television was once a week on an analog channel. Why do we still retain the same narrative and constructions from a time that doesn’t even exist?”

Indeed, Refn is big on how streaming can change the form of content so it’s not restrained and is ultimately in the hands of the users:

“For me, that’s the real excitement [in streaming]. It’s an endless amount of avenues you can now turn into. It can be one minute. It can be 20 hours. People don’t have the idea that something has to be a certain length because it’s like a book or going to a gallery or looking at a painting. You determine the time you want to invest based on where you are in your life, what you are attracted to, or what you want to spend your time on. So there’s a sense of freedom creatively to you not to be bound by any kind of control.”

Refn fans now have the chance to see what he’s done with the series becoming available in full this past Friday on Amazon Prime Video.