Williams’ Will Prevents Another “Aladdin”

A former Disney executive has revealed to the Times of London (via The NY Post), that the will of the late Robin Williams prevents them from plans to make another “Aladdin” movie.

Williams starred as the voice of the Genie in the memorable 1992 animated feature. The Mouse House produced two direct-to-video sequels, the second of which saw Williams reprising his role.

The exec has revealed that Williams recorded so much material for the 1992 film that the studio actually considered plans for another “Aladdin” film. Those plans were scrapped though when they learned Williams put a provision in his will to cover the possibility.

As a result, they can’t use his “name, taped performances or voice recordings for 25 years after his death.” The provision also protects his family “from incurring estate penalties due to his posthumous earnings.” The most we’ll see now are the extended outtakes of Williams’ 1991 recording sessions which appeared on the recent Blu-ray release of “Aladdin”.