Williams Still Wants To Be In “Star Wars”

Williams Still Wants To Be In Star Wars

Despite having his role cut and replaced by Paul Bettany, actor Michael K. Williams says he holds no grudges against the “Star Wars” franchise and hopes to one day return.

Williams took on the role of the villain Dryden Vos in “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” originally a motion-capture creation in the original Phil Lord and Chris Miller-directed version. When they were let go and Ron Hoard came onboard to replace them, he reshot much of the movie including all the Dryden Vos scenes.

Williams couldn’t return due to a scheduling conflict with “The Red Sea Diving Resort,” so Bettany came in instead and took on a more human version of the villain who was slightly reimagined. Speaking with Variety on Saturday at the HFPA and InStyle party at the Toronto International Film Festival, Williams says:

“I have not had a chance to see Solo, but you know a shout out to my castmates, even though I didn’t make the final cut, they’re still my cast mates. I love you guys. I’m quite sure I’ll get around to it [seeing Solo] but I’m more interested in getting another shot in being in that galaxy…I would love another opportunity to make it happen. “

Ahead of its home video release, Disney and Lucasfilm have unveiled several clips online from “Solo” in HD including some of the train heist scene, the much talked about Darth Maul cameo, and a deleted scene involving swimming and eels. “Solo: A Star Wars Story” hits Digital-HD and 4K Ultra HD on September 14th ahead of a disc and rental VOD release on September 25th.