William Moseley Joins “Veil,” “Unfriend”

“The Chronicles of Narnia” star William Moseley is looking busy, signing for two projects and seeing an already completed film of his acquired by Millennium Entertainment.

First to film is Brett Ryan Green’s indie drama “The Veil,” in which Moseley plays a war-besieged tribesman who attempts to lead his people and their princess on a campaign against their oppressors. Serinda Swain and William Levy also star with filming to take place in Oklahoma.

After that, he heads to South Africa to shoot Philip Koch and Simon Verhoeven’s “Unfriend” for Warner Bros International. That story follows a group of college friends confronted by a dark force.

Moseley has already shot Simone Bartesaghi’s “Run,” an 3D indie parkour-centric crime thriller in which he plays an American teenager who uses his free-running skills to pull off small robberies with his father (Adrian Pasdar).

Soon though, a new girlfriend (Kelsey Chow) and the promise of going straight encourages him to use his skills for less nefarious purposes. Millennium has picked up the property and is scheduling it for a January theatrical release.

Source: Deadline