Willem Dafoe Joins “Odd Thomas” Adaptation

Willem Dafoe is in discussions to join the cast of the adaptation of Dean R. Koontz’s 2003 novel “Odd Thomas” for Fusion Films reports Heat Vision.

The story follows Odd Thomas (Anton Yelchin), an optimistic twenty-year-old short-order cook who can see both dead people and the shadowy figures called ‘bodachs’ that appear around death and disaster. When bodachs seem to be swarming around a diner customer he nicknames ‘Fungus Man’, Odd is convinced the man is connected to a terrible catastrophe about to occur.

Dafoe will portray the police chief in a small California town and one of only two people who know Thomas’ secret. Addison Timlin signed on earlier this week to play Thomas’ girlfriend, Stormy Llewellyn.

Stephen Sommers is directing the movie from a script he adapted. Howard Kaplan and John Baldecchi will produce and shooting kicks off May 2nd in Santa Fe, New Mexico.