Will You Enter The “Silent House”?

In preparation for the release of the horror thriller “Silent House”, Open Road Films has developed an interactive site that taps into your social networks – we-all-have-secrets.com.

In the film, Elizabeth Olsen stars as a young woman who gets trapped inside a secluded lake house retreat. With no contact to the outside world, and no way out, panic turns to terror as events become increasingly ominous.

“Open Water” helmers Chris Kentis and Laura Lau direct the tale which unfolds not just in real time but, with thanks to some clever camera work and choreography, is delivered in a single uninterrupted shot.

Once we-all-have-secrets.com is connected to your Facebook account, a video combines clips from the film with your own Facebook information so it makes it look as though you are part of the action. You can also anonymously post your darkest secrets and read the confessions people have already shared across the internet.