Will We Get A “Sinister 3” Anytime Soon?

Scott Derrickson’s 2012 horror chiller “Sinister” scored strong reviews and solid box-office, along with introducing an iconic new monster in the form of the entity Bughuul. With the sequel to that film set to open in a few weeks, questions have turned towards how much of an actual franchise they can make out of the series and whether a third film is on the cards.

In an interview conducted on the set by Cinema Blend, Derrickson was asked whether or not he envisioned this franchise as a trilogy. He says:

“Sure, yeah, I’d like there to be ten of them, but it really depends on how this turns out and how it does. The reason the script took so long was because both [co-screenwriter C.Robert] Cargill and I have seen so many horror franchises – you know, we’re really familiar with how they tend to work and what the bad tendencies are.

And so we were both really committed to writing the kind of horror sequel we would like to see, and that proved to be a lot more difficult than I think either of us were expecting. It just felt like if we were going to do it, we had to hold ourselves up to that standard, and the trick of it was finding a different point of view to get into it, because the horror sequels that I have really liked tend to expand the mythology but also deepen your appreciation of the original in unique ways that give you some elements that you loved from the first one but they also surprise you.”

Derrickson isn’t directing the sequel though handpicked “Citadel” director Ciaran Foy for the follow-up which opens August 21st. Derrickson is currently working on the “Doctor Strange” film at Marvel Studios.