Will “Star Trek” Return To TV? Maybe Not

One of the more interesting rumors to emerge in recent times was talk of the possibility of “Star Trek” making a return to television. While Paramount owns the films, CBS owns the TV rights and the small screen is where ‘Trek’ always was at home.

In an interview with Screenrant regarding his new TV show “Almost Human,” J.J. Abrams sadly shoots down the rumor. He says:

“I have been hearing for as long as I can remember that CBS, who has the rights to the series, has just been saying they’re not interested. That’s the word I’ve been told.”

Meanwhile, Abrams dismissive comments regarding the highly panned “Star Trek” video game from earlier this year has come under fire.

Digital Extremes creative director Stephen Sinclair recently sat down with IGN to talk the upcoming game “Warframe” and revealed he was left a big “shaken” by Abrams’ comments about the game.

Specifically Abrams said the game “without question didn’t help the movie [Star Trek Into Darkness], and arguably hurt it.” Sinclair worked on the game for a year and, though he admits he had a range of problems, says:

“I don’t think J.J. was trying to throw Digital Extremes under a bus, I think he was talking about the political forces that were affecting the game.

I don’t mean to speak cryptically, and I’m not trying to diffuse blame, but the game we did just before that was The Darkness 2 and it was the same crew working on that game as it was on Star Trek. That game came out with an 80-plus Metacritic rating.

The ambitions were high for Star Trek and there’s some awesome co-op stuff there. I was kind of surprised, personally, to see one of the most awesome, popular and successful film directors working today slagging on that project. It kind of shook me, actually.”

Capping off today are some screen caps, courtesy of Trekcore, from the fifth season release of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” on Blu-ray this week. The remastering quality remains jaw-droppingly good.