Will Smith’s Deadshot Joins “The Batman”?

We know the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” includes cameos from several heroes that will be a part of “Justice League,” and more recently rumors have sprung up about the likes of Black Canary popping up in ‘League’.

Today, Latino Review has picked up a similar report, but with a character whom we’re about to meet very soon. The site claims that Will Smith’s turn as Deadshot in next year’s “Suicide Squad” will be just the start of his involvement in the DC Extended Universe.

In fact he’s already said to be keen for another major turn in the role – in the Ben Affleck-directed “The Batman” which is in early development. The site adds it will be a major role for a “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly scenario”.

Previously the project waas rumored to be based on the “Under the Hood” storyline from the comics in which former Robin Jason Todd – thought dead at the hands of the Joker – is still alive and has reinvented himself as a brutally violent antihero known as the Red Hood.