Will Smith Says New “Bad Boys” Coming Soon

For a few months now Sony Pictures has expressed a desire to do a third film in the “Bad Boys” action franchise. Michael Bay helmed the first two films which starred Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as two Miami cops who basically busted big cases.

Over a decade on since the sequel and two decades since the original, the big question has been regarding Smith’s involvement and whether the actor was interested in coming back. Even without knowledge of his involvement, Sony marked down a February 17th 2017 release date for the film earlier this Summer which means filming would have to begin early in 2016.

Speaking with Zane Lowe in the Beats 1 studio this week, Smith essentially confirmed the film is on track for that date, saying: “There is a very, very, very strong possibility that you will be seeing a ‘Bad Boys’ within the next 12-16 months.”

What’s not clear is whether Smith will star in it or only produce it, and what kind of film it will be – potentially one that sees the franchise being passed on to younger cast members. Sony have also set a July 3rd 2019 release for a fourth film in the series, so they are definitely keen on getting this franchise going again.