Will Smith In Remake Of Hitchcock’s “Suspicion”?

Will Smith is said to be in talks to produce and star in a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1941 psychological thriller “Suspicion” reports Latino Review.

The original, based on Francis Iles’ novel “Before the Fact”, revolves around a dowdy woman (Joan Fontaine) who marries a handsome and charming man (Cary Grant) despite her wealthy father’s disapproval. Soon after their honeymoon, she begins to discover he has proven irresponsible with his investments and has been lying to him.

When the man’s good-natured friend and business partner suspiciously dies in Paris, she begins to fear that her husband is plotting to kill her for her life insurance. The ending of the film was famously in opposition to the original novel’s dark study of murder from an eventual victim’s perspective, a change the studio insisted on to maintain Cary Grant’s “heroic” image.

Smith would play the Grant character. RKO holds the rights to the project which may land at Paramount Pictures.